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Viewing Suboxone Videos on Mobile Devices

November 10, 20140 Comments

I’ve been unable to find a good mobile site for converting my videos, but there is an easy solution. If you find a title/description of a video you would like to watch, scroll to the bottom of the page and select the ‘Desktop version’ of the web site- where you’ll be able to watch the […]

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PAWS vs. Life on Life’s Terms

September 27, 20130 Comments

People experiencing early sobriety, whether from opioids or other substances, describe symptoms including mood swings, anxiety, stress, or racing thoughts. The often blame these ‘symptoms’ on post-acute withdrawal causing ‘chemical imbalances’ in their brains. In reality, brain chemistry is likely very close to normal after several months. But patients are now experiencing all of the […]

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Addictions QA: Alcohol Cravings and Hot Flashes

September 26, 20130 Comments

Questions posted to my channel will be answered by video; this video discusses hot flashes, and the effects of buprenorphine on alcoholism.   If you would like your question and answer featured in a similar post, either comment with ‘question’ in the subject line, or send me an email at drj at fdlpsych dot com. Like […]

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Death by Overdose

September 23, 20130 Comments

Overdose deaths now surpass deaths from diseases and automobile accidents in young adults across the US.   The final pathway common to almost all sedative and opioid overdose deaths is respiratory arrest.  This video describes the science behind opioid overdose deaths, and explains why some opioids are more dangerous than others. Like this:Like Loading…

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Suboxone Withdrawal is the Worst Ever Part II

November 20, 20122 Comments

Visitors to my forum often complain that Suboxone withdrawal is the worst withdrawal that they have ever experienced, including withdrawal from pain medications and heroin.  After caring for many patients going through pain pill and Suboxone withdrawal, I see a different pattern.  People coming off agonists are confined to bed, far from the  computer, whereas […]

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Suboxone Withdrawal: Worst Ever pt. 1

November 14, 201210 Comments

Forums about opioid dependence and treatment with Suboxone or buprenorphine often contain posts describing horrific withdrawal from stopping Suboxone.  People write that the symptoms from stopping buprenorphine are even worse than the symptoms they experienced when stopping their drug of choice, whether it be heroin, oxycodone, or methadone. I’ve supported literally hundreds of patients as […]

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